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Faiq Bolkiah: The Leicester City reserve player who is richer than Ronaldo and Messi combined: Worldlywap News

Faiq Bolkiah

Meet Faiq Bolkiah, nephew of the Sultan of Brunei (Hassanal Bolkiah) - who is worth an estimated $20billion.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the best players in the world, worth a combined $1b but richer than both of them is a Leicester City reserve player, Faiq Bolkiah.

Bolkiah’s richest comes as a result of his royal lineage. The youngster is the nephew of the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah who is worth an estimated $20billion.


Career so far

Born in Los Angeles, Bolkiah started his football career with AFC Newbury from where he moved to the famous  Southampton academy in 2009.

Although he wasn't handed a contract he was offered a trial by Arsenal in 2013 and played for the Gunners in the Lion City Cup where he even scored for them.


Chelsea quickly swapped in to hand him a contract which he signed.

After just a year in London with Chelsea, Bolkiah joined Leicester City on a three-year contract.

Although eligible to play for the United States of America, Bolkiah opted to play for Brunei and has had nine appearances for his country with just a goal.

His dad Jefri

His dad Jefri was said to have spent an estimated £10bn in 15 years as head of the Brunei Investment Agency.

According to reports, Jefri was at a time spending £35m a month on luxury cars and watches. He is believed to have owned a staggering 2, 300 cars.


He famously paid  £12.5 million to late King of Pop Michael Jackson to perform at his 50th birthday

Despite these riches, Bolkiah is passionate about playing football.


"I’ve played football since as early as I can remember and from a young age I’ve always enjoyed going out on the field and having the ball at my feet,” he once said in an interview quoted by UK’s Daily Mirror.

"My parents have always been supportive in helping me to achieve my dreams of being a footballer.


"They trained me hard both psychologically and physically through my childhood years, so I have to say they are my role models."

He is yet to make a senior appearance at Leicester City.

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